Our classes are designed to learn “real” Muay Thai techniques. This does not mean you have to compete, but it does mean you will learn proper techniques just like fighters do.

We ensure that you will not be doing any techniques or physical contact beyond your experience. At no point will you be pushed beyond your ability and experience.

To start you will need shorts or pants and a t-shirt. We will also let you borrow the gloves if you do not have yours. We can schedule your FREE TRIAL CLASS on Mondays or Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. Call us at 905.787.2058 to book your spot today!

Class Structure

Our classes usually start with 10-15 minutes of warm-ups, which may include stretching and traditional exercises such as jumping jacks and push-ups, followed by a 30-minute session that includes movements such as knee strikes, kicks, and punches. We use equipment like punching bags, punching shields or pads.

The class is often split into different groups based on experience.

Cardiovascular Health and Weight Loss

Muay Thai class will challenge your body in ways you never thought possible. Sessions feature cardio drills and exercises that will bring your cardiovascular endurance to the next level. A healthy body starts with a healthy heart.

To start your FREE TRIAL CLASSES call us at 905-787-2058 or click here to submit an online application!