Juniors Taekwondo

Ages 7 – 13


✓ Discipline

✓ Focus

✓ Self Defense

✓ Confidence

✓ Strength

✓ Coordination

✓Goal Setting






You may be asking yourself how can my child learn all of this from two to three Taekwondo Classes per week? Let us SHOW YOU! At All Star Martial Arts we not only teach Taekwondo, but life skills as an essential part of every class. Whether the kids are having a mat chat with Master MacNiell on the importance of respect for ourselves and others, or learning through their training that dedication and hard work will lead them to greatness your child will shine like star at All Star!


On top of the great mental benefits of Taekwondo, students are also actively engaged in physical activity throughout the entire class. All classes are lead with a fun intensity that will see you children’s coordination improve while also tiring them out for a good nights sleep!



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