Sherrie and Steve Cheng

We are very lucky to be a part of Allstar Martial Arts. Six months ago our son, Sean began his journey in Tae Kwon Do. Master Ross, Mr. Emin and Ms. Mopsik have all been constant positive role models and fabulous instructors.

It is so wonderful that Sean has been taught by dedicated, skillful and professional instructors. They have helped him set attainable goals, have kept him physically fit and she has had a ton of fun along the way! Thank you Allstar Martial Arts!

Marc R. Sgro

I have seen my self improve, and the fact that I myself can feel my improvements is really great. I started with All Star 3-4 years ago and have never felt such a family. Master Ross has been there for me all my time in teakwondo.

I think of him as my brother, I love his advice he gives me, it helps me to improve more and to feel like someone cares. In life its hard to feel that passion, but at All Star it comes in are STAR package, Respect, Integrity, Love, Family, Care, Hope, Passion. Its who we are, All Stars.

Mona & Hamid Reza

Our child has been attending your classes for the past one year and we are proud to say that the staff has done a fantastic job in helping us teach him right from wrong and also give him a strong sense of pride and self confidence.

You do a great job and we very much appreciate the hard work of everyone at All star for what they do for their students.

Thank you,
Mona & Hamid Reza

Shawn Shanmugarajah

We are writing to express our thanks and appreciation to Master Ross and Mr. Emin from All Star Martial Arts in Oak Ridges, Ontario, Canada. At one time we were looking out for a club that can teach my kids martial arts as my son Hallem was very interested from a very young age and always had a passion towards martial arts. Fortunately, we found All Star Martial Arts right where we live.

My wife and I are very much inclined towards martial arts and believed that it not only provided a culture of respect, discipline, tolerance but also gave self esteem and self defense when learning Martial arts. Today, our son Hallem not only enjoys Taekwondo but also very proud to have Master Ross, Mr. Emin and the team prep him towards success.

We were most impressed by the way Master Ross, Mr. Emin and their qualified instructors teach the students with passion and would highly recommend All Star Martial Arts to anyone without hesitation. Kudos to the team and the students.

Jing and Shawn Shanmugarajah

Marissa Cruz

It was Summer of 2010 when I enrolled my daughters, then 16 and 10 years old, just for their two months intro program so they have something to do during that summer and since then All Star has been a part of their lives. It wasn’t really something that they wanted to do at first, but now they are so committed that even with injuries they continue to attend classes.

They’ve found a second home where the instructors are not only knowledgeable but also very encouraging and patient. It amazes me everytime I pick them up after each lesson that inspite of the rigorous physical activity, I see smile in their faces and so with the rest of the students. My kids did not only develop self-defence skills but they became physically fit and have also gained friends and mentors. Thanks guys!!! We do appreciate you!!!

Lin Zhou

Master Ross is very patient with kids and he always earns their hearts within a very short period of time. So don’t be surprised when your child always says “Master Ross says ……”

My daughter Cynthia has been training with All Star for about three and a half years now. When she first started she was shy and was a little small for her age. Master Ross did a great job in helping her developing confidence and self esteem. She soon became comfortable with yelling out loud and counting out loud during the training. When she first broke a board with her barefoot she began to understand that she can accomplish any task if she works hard.

The belt promotion tests are very exciting. With each new belt received Cynthia becomes even more confident. And with every belt promotion we were amazed to see how much Cynthia has improved and grown both physically and mentally.

So when All Star opened their after-school program we signed up immediately. During the after school hours my daughter can practice TKD, make friends and finish her homework, which saved us a lot of time.
During the summers Cynthia also attended All Star’s summer camps. They have field trips each week to different places, and have all kinds of interesting activities that kids will enjoy and learn. Cynthia just cannot have enough time in All Star.

Now Cynthia is working hard toward her black belt. We believe what she learned from All Star will benefit her throughout her life. Thank you Master Ross!

Ashlee Garrard

I would like to thank All Star Martial Arts for teaching my son discipline and respect. He thoroughly enjoys every session and I enjoy his progress and accomplishments. The teachers are phenomenal and we will continue to train at All Star. I can’t possibly say enough great things about them!

Lisa Padgett

My family has had a great experience with All Star Martial Arts World! My daughter Olivia has attended classes since she was 3.5 and her confidence has grown, as has her coordination and strength! The instructors are fantastic role models – they each bring something different to the classes, but all are really great with the kids. Olivia’s skills continue to develop and her self confidence continues to build. We are very appreciative to the staff at All Star!

Tammy Amini

I’d like to thank all the instructors at All Star Martial Arts for being patient and kind with me. The first time I ever started martial arts training Master Ross was very kind to me. That is what made me realize that Taekwondo is the sport for me. The instructors are always enthusiastic with every child, if you’re ever feeling down the way the instructors teach, just makes you so happy.

For me All Star is like my second family they treat me with respect and confidence. The teachers here are always out to help kids who are down and shy. The techniques you learn here are helpful in a dangerous situation. Competitions open our sprit and when you win that gold medal or if you tried with all your might, the look on the instructors face makes you feel good about yourself. All Star Martial Arts is the Taekwondo School that has instructors that are caring and confident to everyone. All Star made a big difference in my life, All Star gave me courage, strength and care.

the Ricciuti Family

We first discovered All Star Martial Arts in a local community centre in the area. My son Adrian was hypnotized by an All Star class that was in session, and that was the beginning of what is now a major part of our lives. All Star Martial Arts is not only a school for Taekwondo, but it is a way of life.

They have experienced teachers that motivate, encourage and teach students the techniques and traditions of the art of Taekwondo. The take pride in guiding children into making good decisions and to respect and appreciate others around them. Master Ross, Mr Emin and the All Star team promote positive attitude, focus and discipline, and above all, a fighting spirit!

Adrian’s confidence continues to soar thanks to the hard work at All Star Martial Arts. As a parent, I was so impressed that I myself, joined the Adult Club. Adrian and I look forward to training each week. We consider all the staff at All Star part of our family, and their warm and friendly approach to parents and students are unique qualities indeed. Thank you for being such an important part of lives! We look forward to sharing many more years of successes and milestones.

The Ricciuti Family