Dr. Keith Tse

As an adult student at All Star, I find the classes to be a great workout, challenging and fun! Master Ross and the other instructors are excellent teachers and motivators for both the adults and the children. Whatever your fitness or martial arts aspirations are, All Star can help you get there!

Frank Fazzari

Thanks to the professional and kind staff at All Star Martial Arts, my girls enjoy good health, physical activity, and are learning about excelling and pushing themselves beyond their limits.

All Star brings fresh ideas and methods to traditional martial arts, they keep the practitioners engaged and promote a healthy attitude. There is a healthy balance between Taekwondo traditions and sports, perhaps this is a reason for their success.

Thank you All Star Martials Arts
The Fazzari Family

Isabelle Abou-Naim

I am so pleased with the dedication and passion shown by the instructors at All Star Martial Arts World that I am promoting their school to all my friends

Peter Iriotakis

Unlike other ventures we have undertaken as a family, the training here is a way of life, not just an activity. Master Ross is a man of his word. He says what he will do and he does what he said.

That is a rare and commendable quality for a leader, especially in today’s society. We respect, honor, and will follow that leadership for as long as that opportunity is offered to us.

Grzegorz Danowski

My son has been practicing taekwondo with All Star Martial Arts since July 2010, and I am extremely happy about his progress. Not only has he achieved the general level of fitness and won gold medals at number of tournaments, but even more importantly, being a member of the club has helped him become more disciplined, confident and respectful.

The instructors at the Club have also instilled in him a drive to excel both in taekwondo and at school. In order to keep his good standing with the Club, he is encouraged by the instructors to earn high grades in his school subjects. As an educator (I am a faculty both at McMaster University in Hamilton and a Seneca College, King) I have been greatly impressed by the All Star Martial Arts instructors’ teaching methodology, dedication and devotion to their students.

Michael Atanassov

This is the best MA School. I loooove training there. And I really enjoy and respect my instructors. I can hardly wait to go there after school every day.

Wayne Wang

I am thrilled to be a part of the All Star Martial Arts team. Not only does the staff here teach me combat techniques for self-defense, they also motivate me and make me go that extra mile to improve my health. The staff here is very passionate about martial arts so they’ll assist anyone who needs that bit of personal help on technique.

The staff aren’t the only people that contribute to the quality of All Star Martial Arts; the other members of the team also contribute. The other members of the team create a positive environment for learning by working hard and trying their best to succeed. I LOVE THIS PLACE 😀

Ali Dorostkar

I am glad I have the opportunity to share my pleasant experience of attending the kickboxing classes at All Star with others. The rigorous but enjoyable exercises at my kickboxing sessions have helped me to not only lose weight and build muscles but also feel more agile and flexible.

Another definite benefit of my kickboxing experience at All Star is the fact that I now go about my daily life acitivites with more self-confidence and energy, embracing and tackling life challenges more enthusiastically. More importantly, Master Ross really ROCKS. He is so on the ball in his job, and he is a great inspiration to his students.

Maria Romios

I have been going to All Star Martial Arts for about 8 months. Attending this club has been a very enjoyable experience for me. The instructors are knowledgable and encouraging, and the other members are friendly; this creates a safe and positive learning environment for all. It has also helped me socially to meet new people and in gaining higher self confidence.

Classes are well organized and we are continuously challenged with new techniques, drills and exercises. They have an unique way of making martial arts fun, you forget that you are working so hard. Physically, I noticed a lot of muscle definition and toning on my body, as well as weight loss. I can do things I never thought possible 8 months ago!

Martial arts is also great for stress reduction and has given me more patience in my everyday life. I look forward to attending kickboxing and Taekwondo classes every day, and improving myself physically as well as mentally. I highly recommend All Star Martial Arts and believe anyone willing to put in the time and effort will also see life changing results.

Isabella Virgilio

Since I joined All Star Taekwondo, I’ve noticed how much stronger, faster and more confident I am. I really like how my instructors are so kind and nice. I’ve become more outspoken and less shy. I really like going to taekwondo every time I am free and I wish I could go every day of the week.