A poomsae is a combination of basic actions and movements exercised with an imaginary opponent. Therefore through practicing poomsae one can become accurate in both offensive and defensive techniques and can obtain special techniques that cannot be acquired through free sparring. E.g. Breathing control and how to apply techniques.

All actions and movements exercised in free sparring, one-step sparring, breaking and self-defence are based on poomsae. It is therefore important that instructors should ensure their students correctness in posture, stances and techniques.

Taeguk Il Chang, Pattern 1 (WTF)

This pattern represents heaven and light. Heaven gives us rain and the sun gives us light and making things grow. Therefore Keon is the beginning of everything on earth and the source of creation. When performing this Taegeuk the mind should be clear and allow all the basic techniques to flow. As with creation this Taegeuk is the simple, yet forms the basis for more complex movements and techniques to come. Next Pattern