Tigers and Dragons Ages 4 - 6

Goals Of This Unique Program

You will be amazed by the level of martial arts ability and confidence your child can achieve at this early age. We have geared this program specifically to the "unique" attention span of 3-6 year old children. The confidence and discipline your child develops now will stick with them for life, and they will become All Stars in everything. They do!

Social Skills

Students will learn to show respect for others with a bow, saying encouraging comments to others, working and talking with adult teachers and helpers, to learn to introduce themselves to others, and learning to be partners with others.

Motor Skills

Every activity you will see during a training session has a definite purpose. While the students are having fun with games and relays, they are unknowingly developing motor skills appropriate for their age. This will include coordination skills, right and left side development, flexibility, muscle strength, timing, speed drills, mobility skills, etc. In addition, Tae Kwon Do training is one of the best sports for overall development that will have benefits that will transfer to other sports.

Self Confidence

You might consider the development of self confidence and self esteem as the culmination of all of the above points. Every Tae Kwon Do student comes with specific goals and desires. By attaining these goals the student builds confidence and establishes higher goals, not just in Tae Kwon Do, but also in life.

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