Juniors Taekwondo Ages 7 - 13

Every parent wants there child to build confidence, show respect, learn goal setting and discipline. Every parent wants to watch there children improve school work and personal skills. But these are not easily taught simply by good parenting.

We do not instruct, we teach!

Our team of professional Martial arts educators (consisting of top level martial artists) is able to teach all the core values that every parent wants. We are there every step of the way whether your goals are simply to build confidence or all the way to the Olympics we are with you every step of the way.

Classes are taught in a fun and exciting environment, parents are invited to watch and take part in family classes. Kids are motivated and excited to move forward every day.

Class Structure

We teach all levels, both recreational and competitive. Kids start by attending Beginner classes. After reaching certain level they are eligible to attend Intermediate and later Advanced classes. Check the schedule here.

Depending on the level, some classes might be fuller than others. Regardless of that, we keep good Instructor to Students ratio. 

To start call us at 905.787.2058 to schedule a FREE TRIAL CLASS!